Wouldn't it be better to have instead of editor of the month an mytake of the month?

After all there also many mytakes written by people who aren't editors


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  • I do agree with that. I really feel like it's become a little club of the favourites who always get editor of the month or always do well. I'm increadibly put off to even bother writing anything because I know nobody is going to read it anyway but there are some great my take writers who don't get as much recognition cause they're not part of the club and it's a shame.

    • If you have something to write about just do it!

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • You are welcome, have a nice evening

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  • I agree so much it's a bit pointless the editor of the month other than the select few editors no one gives a shit and the same people who are already pretty much the top of gag then have a chance of $25 maybe if there was a mytake of the month it's give people more of an incentive to try and make a really good one.

    • I am editor (haven't been editor of the month though) but I think everyone deserves a chane for this

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  • maybe both would be cool =]
    i like the idea of mytake of the month. it'll give other writers more recognition.

  • Sounds like a cool idea if you have both.


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  • That is a very fair and valid point but I think the site wants to encourage people to become editors. So from the site's point of view I can see the logic.

    • But is it to become editor then? I am editor but i have no idea, i just was editor from one day to the other.

    • I am not a 100% sure but I think the criteria to become an editor is to produce a number of quality MyTakes so encouraging editors would enhance the Takes area of site.

  • Both should exist in my opinion. And the "MyTake of the month" would get 500 Xper as a prize. What do you believe?

    • both can exist yes but mytake of the month at least

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