Should be bar anonymous posters from asking certain categories of questions?

I mean, I've been seeing a lot Anons posting quite frankly ridiciolous and rather condescending posts in society and culture and making outlandish statements.
This one just recently
Are we drowning in political correctness to the point that it is hindering our freedom of speech?

Anonymous (45+)

Society & Culture

Give me your thoughts...
Now, Considering that I'm 100 percent sure that she is the same anon who keeps posting about trump and 'entitlement culture.' considering that on several of these posts she has refered to being,
'Tired of you, and you bully anyone who disagrees with you.'
Its kind of absurd, these anons are using it as their own personal dumping ground.
Or how about that you have to make a certain number of posts in society and culture topics WITHOUT going anon before being allowed to give your opinion their and post there anon and to continue to do so you have to keep posting there a certain number of times without going anon, that way we can reduce the amount of anons clearly just posting rants

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My other problem is that if a user keeps going anon on your posts, they can stalk you because you cannot just add them to your block list, you have to block them on a post


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  • Majority of the anon's I see are between 30-40 and then the +45. Which seeing those really creep me the hell out each time.

    Honestly I think they should put a cap on how many times you can be anon a day. Meaning like only able to do it 5 times a day.


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  • Censorship leads to loss of the right to free speech.

    • Its not censorship I'm talking about, I'm saying that they can still post. they just have to actually do it under their own screen name.
      I mean if you are going to insult another persons beliefs or political stances you should do it without hiding behind anon, The internet already provides a HUGE blanket of anonimity. Why even have anon

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    • I guess nothing, but the courtesy would be nice you know

    • There is a great diversity in our species. Not everyone is courteous. It makes us old polite, chivalrous guys look kinda good! :)

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  • Trolls gonna troll bruh. This is why I don't allow anonymous answers to my questions, and why I rarely reply to them.

    Yeah sometimes there's a legit reason that people choose to post anonymously, but a large percentage of the time, it's for the purpose of trolling


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  • I don't like interfering with freedom of speech - I really just advocate developing a radar for certain questions - We all have some seemingly repetitive questions that annoys us, just gloss over the 9/10 questions we have no interest in to the ones that do - In the larger picture I wish it was the custom on the site that people used the anon sparingly for sensitive issues etc.

  • I think it wouldn't solve the problem. They can always ask whatever they want and choose a different category.

  • There was some girl that is religious and thinks her friend to going to hell, because her friend is an atheist. She was a anonymous poster and man she's very mess up. If you said anything, she will judge you. She said everyone that is an atheist has a mental illness. She will fail in life with the hating she has.

  • So who is going to be the judge then? This is a REALLY dumb idea in my opinion it will cause fewer people to express opinions and open the doors to ideological based censorship. An idea or arguments merits has NOTHING to do with the anonymity status of the poster.

    Also, this is not an outlandish statement:

    "Are we drowning in political correctness to the point that it is hindering our freedom of speech?"

    It is an actual problem that people are right to be upset about. I don't blame anyone for going anon when talking about these issues, or any other issue they may have a hard time talking about and the cover of anonymity helps them express their view.

  • I wish only pink anon can be banned from asking questions in all categories

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