Should there be a limit for anonymous questions?

Every day I see a flood of anonymous questions being asked. Sometimes I'll go to the recent polls and see 5 or so anonymous people in a row. I can understand being anonymous for something that might cause a debate, or maybe when sharing something personal, but these people ask such innocent questions:
"Which couple do you prefer?"
"Would you date a gamer girl?"
"What is your eye color?"
There are SO MANY basic and innocent questions that are asked ANONYMOUSLY. Why? We don't have a clue who you are in real life, and we definitely won't know by seeing your username. What's the big deal?

To prevent trolls on this site, should you have to be a certain level to post anonymously? Or maybe you're only allowed a few anonymous questions per WEEK? Or, maybe questions should be approved by someone (a mod) before it can be anonymously posted? It's a little annoying seeing so many anonymous people on here.

There's a huge amount of trolls on this site. Should it be stopped? Or limited?

  • Yes
  • No/I don't care
  • Who gives a sh*t?
  • I'm an anonymous troll
  • It depends on the question
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Hold on, ignore my update. Just seems a little ironic.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think in fairness to update he is talking about something else - Not allowing anon answers on questions.
    Your point I partly agree with you - The anon thing has seemed to have gone too far, yes for sensitive stuff and for people who are shy or private but for some reason there seems a lot - If it was cut down then it would be obvious that it was one of the two groups I mentioned or a troll, easier to spot I suppose so your theory has some legs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • So what you’re saying is that GAG should limit the amount of anonymous questions one can ask because it simply annoys you? Sorry, but get over it. Essentially harmless things in life are going to annoy you and you should learn how to deal with it without demanding that someone caters to how you feel/makes sure that you are not annoyed.

    I don’t know why people choose to post anonymously but so long as they’re not harming anyone then I don’t see the big deal. The examples you posted are harmless questions which definitely don’t make someone a “troll”. I think that a lot of people here are simply nosey and feel entitled to know who is saying what even though it’s none of their business. Anonymity doesn’t equal a troll and the idea that it does is quite honestly, stupid and emotion-based. Some of my most informative, transparent, honest, helpful answers came from anonymous posts because that person clearly felt comfortable sharing details about their personal lives without putting their life situation on display along with their face.

    I think that you need to get over your feelings and whatever entitlement you seem to have that people attach their face or username to a personal answer. I also think that you should expand your mind and not assume that every or most anonymous posts are from trolls. I see a lot of trolls running around who don’t post anonymously. This was a weak argument, Asker.

    • I don't assume it, but we all know that trolls exist.

    • Sorry if I was a bit harsh but silly whining/complaining over small things is one of my pet peeves.

    • Maybe you need to reconsider your definition of a troll because the questions you gave as an example do not strike me as an indication of a troll. Trolls are gonna troll whether there’s an anonymous feature or not. Youtube and other online forums don’t have an anonymous feature and there are still trolls. So you can stop claiming that it will be beneficial to help stop trolls when really it just sounds like you want them to change it because it annoys you and you want to be able to be nosey/pry into people’s business.

What Guys Said 4

  • No, GAG has much bigger fish to fry than limiting the number of anonymous questions a person can post.

  • That shit really needs to be limited. There should be a valid reason to go anon. To go anon, people should ask the admins for permission first.

  • Who cares if they're anonymous? It doesn't really make a difference either way.

  • your right sometimes its too much


What Girls Said 5

  • As innocent or annoying a question may be, we really don't have any idea why someone would want to go anonymous. It could be a safety reason (possibly being identified by expressed events, etc.), it could be a personal reason that they are uncomfortable with, maybe they don't want something associated with their account but are still curious, etc.

    Anonymous questions are harmless. For the trolls -- ignoring works, as does reporting. Just because they abuse it, doesn't mean that it should be restricted for the honest members.

  • Does it matter though? I kinda like them.
    But sometimes too much is REALLY too much..

  • Why does it matter if a person wants to be anonymous?

  • Vote B = No = People have the choice here to answer or disregard any question.

  • I mean it gets sorta annoying at times, but It's not that big of a deal though.

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