My mytake got ignored T. T?

I think about a bunch of stuff, sometimes not even actively my brain just kinda goeson autopilot. There was a topic that I had thought about for a while and so I thought I'd write some stuff down to kinda get it ut of my head and see what people said but apparently the editors didn't like it. I wasn't trolling or offensive or anything but maybe it was kinda depressing I don't know. I was just looking for reasons that there's so much conflict and misery and what I wrote about is maybe at least one factor in it. I'd be glad if you tell me what you think I wanted to get some reactions.


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  • haha "my brain just kinda goes on autopilot" i like that.

    what makes u think it got ignored? it's around, it just may not have been recognised in the way u wish. i understand that it can be frustrating, but honestly, any mytake with this kind of depth to it is something a lot of people aren't bothered reading. not that u shouldn't write it. keep writing in this topic area if it interests u. maybe make it more engaging by using hashtags and a click bait title?

    also, if u begin to write more, the GaG team will notice and u may get selected as editor =] this will increase ur engagement even more. keep at it man, it just takes time, but u write well, and the points u made there were interesting to think about.

    • Well before I wrote the question it was up for more than a day and only one person commented and it was a follower of mine. I didn't see it anywhere in the mytakes etc. That's why I said it was ignored. I don't really like to use clickbait and I don't like hashtags either. Maybe I'm old already lol. I've never used hashags on this site do they work like twitter? I'm glad you enjoyed my writing though :)

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  • Fathoms thought it worthless. I'm sorry.


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  • That kinda pisses me off when you can literally write about nothing and it always gets posted.

    There's been things about movies, racist things, people putting other people down, and even straight nonsense and yet yours didn't make it... How sad -__-

    Just for the heads up this question will probably get taken down apparently you can't question what people that run GAG do as a question 😒

    • Oh never mind... Misunderstanding. It's hard to say why you haven't got other opinions just like there's never a food reason why some peoples questions get ignored on here.

      However it's not that surprising whether it's my takes or questions the ones that are random or don't mean much get the most attention. Sorry hopefully this question will get you some more responses.

    • It's ok don't feel too bad. Its not really a site for philososphy after all ;). People are more into the light and sexual stuff :). I mainly wrote it down just because the thoughts were in my head for a while and I need a release after a while :P. I used to always bombard my mom with my thoughts when I was younger. She wasn't very happy about it but now I'll just write it down ;). I didn't want a huge response but I thought I'd get a few opinions would have been interesting :). Y I hope some more people will read it ;).

  • Well even I wrote a mytake on a guy I was infatuated with and it got ignored:(
    I thought it was nice.


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