Why are people on this site surprise when others go anonymous?

So many of people on this site are so sensitive and get butt hurt too easily that any difference in opinion on a topic and viewpoint leads to blocking. I've seen it with both men and women and yet you act surprise when someone goes anonymous on a topic that might be controversial.
Why are people on this site surprise when others go anonymous?Also a lot of you can't handle arguments/discussion and come to this site not for advice but reaffirm you own hatred for the opposite gender or to hear what you want to hear. You will block someone in a discussion just so you can get the last fucking word and look like you won. Now that is really pathetic.


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  • I dont go anon very much but when i do its cuz of snide remarks from others that i try and avoid.
    i dont hold anything against anons i see their point. More and more people on here are really getting more snotty and catty. This is why they leave.

    • Thanks so much for my First MHO as an Anon.

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  • I think most people get confused when users go anonymous for questions like, "What is your favorite color?" It's nothing controversial, so they don't see the point.

    • Well that's silly but again it could be attributed to the fact they go anonymous so much for most of their question it becomes a reflex action.

    • Yeah, I do understand that.

  • Why do you seem so butt hurt by the preferences of others?

    You're the same guy that rants about the "rights" of anons on GaG all the time right?

    Why do you give so many fucks? Just curious.

    • I give fucks because you guys give fucks. You write questions/mytakes complaining how too many users are anonymous, label anonymous trolls and think they do it because they are cowardly.

    • Lolz. Whatch how you throw that word "you" around scooter. I don't give enough fucks about the motivations of anons to spend time posting about it unless it directly involves me.

      I simply replied to your question out of curiosity about your personal crusade. ✌

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  • last word blockers lol...

    nah.. i just hop on the backup account to say goodbye.

  • not really, people dont' really owe you conversation. why do you presume they do?

    • And i don't owe anyone the decency not to kill them am i right? If we keep using "we don't owe anyone anything" selfish mentality we degenerate ourselves into selfish assholes who will kill our own parents because we don't owe them respect.

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    • And your a psycho."You don't owe anyone anthing". Talk about selfish ungrateful mentality.

    • go away asperger's, i dont care. it's how life works, ASPERGER'S...

  • Yeah I've noticed people all the time get annoyed at people going anonymous, like they are somehow so much better for writing with their made up username

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