@GAG admins: spend xper to increase character limit in response?

I believe everyone has ran into it at one point or another: there's a heated debate below someone's opinion, however, due to limitation of 1000 characters, a person must split his response into numerous parts and post them one by one in rapid succession.

That brings a few downsides:
1.) Annoys the user: obviously, splitting your thoughts as they keep coming into parts isn't exactly a pleasant process; moreover, such practice disrupts the thinking process.
2.) Annoys opinion owner, as (I believe) he's getting numerous notifications about the response from the same user.
3.) In reference to point #1, it cripples thinking process by kinda giving an upper hand to short opinions/explanations.

Just add a feature that whenever your response to an opinion exceeds the limit of 1000 characters, a user must "pay" xper points to go over the limit; N amount of xper points for each extra 500 characters. Inform the user that he may post his response at the expense of his xper, if he truly wants to post such a long post.

Make it happen, dammit :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sure why not. But I'll stick to sending them separately not worth deducting xper points and my point still gets across.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like a good idea to my verbose self.


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  • Doesn't they increase it already? I just check and it's 2500 limit characters not 1000 anymore.

    • Your first reply -- yes, it's 2.5k.
      But try to reply to this now, there are only 1000 characters.

    • Ok, I see. I think they should just let the limits character to be 2.5k to all the replies. Or just doing like you said.

What Guys Said 1

  • Aren't you a racist and a xenophobe?

    • I kinda fail to find the relevance between my question and your statement.

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