Why do so many women on here tell unattractive guys they have a chance when they really don't?

I hear and read this time and time again.
I for one hate hearing it I'm sure other unattractive guys are sick of hearing it.
If you happen to think someones ugly
why lie to them? When I read or hear Im
not ugly Im all wow so what? Still gonna
be single. Its one thing to not call someone ugly but its another to make that person believe its true. Its like a woman asking if the jeans she's wearing
Make her ass look fat when they really do. Why not just tell het the truth? The
more I hear or read Im not ugly the more
depress I feel cause it gets me thinking I have a shot when we both know I dont. I'm I wrong to think this no cause the majority of people who probably hear this are men.


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  • OF course unattractive guys have a chance as well.. Sure beautiful people have it easier but do you know what? If you have a really nice character and if you are a lovely guy , you are automatically more beautiful then before. It has happened to me, on the first sight to think of someone as unattractive but when I had the chance to know him better I never saw him this way again.

    • This is what I mean don't be saying it when you don't mean it. It gives guys like me thinking we have a chance when we don't.
      My pic is on my pf you be the judge.

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  • Because they want them to play the game. They want the attention from getting hit on, and they want the gratification of being able to shoot down 90% of men. They want the free goodies that most guys will shower them with in a vain effort to get a whiff.

    If they tell the truth, if the majority of men say "Fuck it" and drop out, they won't get the things they want.

    • Then why do guys tell us flat chicks that most men don't care when actually most men prefer big boobs? What's the ulterior motive behind that?
      Or is it only women who lie?

      People on this site will just lie to whoever to not hurt our feelings.

      Only on GaG will Kate Upton be overrated, big women be the epitome of sexy, flat boobs be so hot, etc. Why? Because they just say things to help you feel better.

      You don't kick someone when they're down

    • @BuchitaBuchys

      As long as there's something to play with and they don't look like fried eggs hanging from a nail, I don't care too much about boob size.

      Fat women are not the epitome of sexy. Fat women are, at absolute BEST, a 2 on a 1-10 scale. And most of them are in the negatives.

      I'll be honest, IDGAF. So someone's feelz get hurt.. so what? If they can't handle it, they should just hide in their room, pacifier in their mouth, under a blankie all day.

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  • Will believe it or not I truly believe that no one is ugly. People are either hot or fine.1 week of knowing someone and I stop noticing how they look. I see their heart. How they act. Little things add up and the first outer impression goes away. Maybe it's just me.

    • See that's the problem you can't use words like hot and fine to ugly people gives off the wrong impression.

  • Why take anyone seriously on here?

    • If you can't trust strangers on Teh Interwebz, who can you trust? I mean really...

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    • @CasaNorba Yeah it was. Hey I respect your decesion.

    • And to be quit honest I don't care what anyone thinks. Wanna say I'm trolling for pity so be it. I know who I am and that's an ovetweight fat sob.

  • Honestly cause they don't want to hurt their feelings, so they sugar coat ya know. I usually won't comment if I think their ugly cause I don't want to lie.

  • Cause everyone has a chance in love, and if they odon't love wasn't meant to be


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  • It's all about political correctness. These days, nobody has balls to tell the truth. We have to always lie in the name of political correctness.

  • "Why do so many women on here tell unattractive guys they have a chance when they really don't?"

    Because they really do, as long as the guy isn't a ranting bitch.

  • If you have money, even a 1 is a 10

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