Hottest guy gagger?

So everybody knows there's a few really sexy guys on here.
Inspired by

Is it wrong to lust after fellow gagers

Which one do you think is hottest?


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  • Why do we ugly guys have to see these things every day? ;_;

    Well, whatever.
    I cannot choose a single one because a lot of guys have different hot things
    Body - Consultantisback (Duh)
    Face - Humping_tornadoes (inactive) or say Pac-Man maybe?
    Ethnicity - Aizou (don't judge me for that)
    Hair color - Aizou (Is there anyone who has enough guts to try silver hair? Like Dante from DmC)
    Beard - DiogoRibeiro (Sunglasses are cool too :D) & DodgersGM (looks great with short hair)
    Personality (outer) - WhiteSteve (He has great inner personality too but that question is only about looks I guess)
    Tattoo - iFarted
    A mixture of everything - Mistnigqa808

    There are so many more good looking guys and things to consider but I'll stop here as it's so gay to do all that.

    #NoHomo #JealousYFE


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