Let debate Should there be censorship on GAG?

Say why you think there should or should not be censorship on GAG (keep it polite and civic). Or the comment gets taken off.

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  • I fall between two stools here - I am a huge supporter of Free Speech but that does not give you the right to abuse or suppress anyone else so I also advocate some control here.
    Hence the quandary who decides where the line is - The essence of Free Speech is to allow someone to stand up and say this is wrong a la a whistleblower but not say (very extreme idea for purpose of example) "All X, Y or Z people should be aborted". On the other side I think an ancient Greek poet wrote the line "Who guards the guardians?" meaning if you give all the power to some people (in this case the censors) what control do we have over them, I will leave this part of the argument with another quote "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".
    As you can see I have no 100% correct answer but would tend towards over censorship as the lesser of two evils, I would prefer a few bruised egos rather than a few spreading insupportable hate that seems rational in their twisted minds.


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  • Lol... It's civil not civic.


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  • It's the internet. First of all, I'm pretty sure every person over the age of 10 curses. 2nd, there are topics of sex and categories specifically devoted for sex. That's the primary purpose of this site. Of you aren't old enough to have sex... Sorry, if you're too young or immature to be subjected to that stuff, you shouldn't be on this site to begin with, which means you aren't old enough to see the stuff that's debated about being censored

  • Yes. It's a privately owned company and the boards are subject to the wills of the owners as well as the laws of the land.

    Good debate.

  • I don't think it'll make a difference
    Either it's fuck or f**k
    It doesn't matter and i guess even a 10 year old can explain what it means :P

    • I also meant removing comments, questions, mytakes as well since some people feel like there some censorship on here when Mods do that.

    • See it's fine if some people are arguing but yep censorship is important if a comment is offensive and all 😶

  • no, freedom of speech

    • That just means you want to offend people.

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    • @reixun private message me on here for my username :p.

    • Alright 😀 Give me a few minutes, though.

  • To be honest I'd like sometimes to spill my hatred towards Americans when they say "Freedom" and "Freedom" and they say "We are better than others", and say all the insults that come to my mind at the moment.

    But censorship keeps my mouth shut.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I like this site the way it is. All horrible comments and questions are filtered out. Better than allowing this place to turn into a GaG zoo where wild animals cuss each other out.

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