If you want to meet someone from GAG in the real world who would you want to meet?

I wish I could meet both of you @MsElizabeth96 @soulbabe 😊


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  • Done this many a time, but what the heck? lol

    -I'm actually looking for a Challenger this weekend, get that Evo ready :P

    -you're just aweosme :D

    -get the escrima sticks, bow and arrows, and the cigars ready

    And a couple of others who are no longer active sadly

    • PT! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚ hahah don't even try! I feel like we are redoing a scene from the fast and the furious LOOL

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    • Thank u P! Likewise😁 I see us running around pranking people tbh

    • @justbanANNAz

      Sounds about right :p

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