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Hello everyone, I was looking through the "No Opinion" posts and notice some that were closed? How can a post be closed without and comments? Do you think GAG is jumping the gun? What is this saying to the askers... that the people that run GAG don't care about them or their topic/question?

  • A./1. Yes, Polls/post are closed too fast and should have a minimum replies (example: 2 girl & 2 guys replies).
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  • B./2. No, polls with No answers should be closed because questions are stupid and no one cares
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LMFAO, The post has a message...

" Your question will be automatically closed in (61 hrs) if there are no new opinions, replies or votes."

First time I ever saw that?

I wish the had the option to filter "new questions". For example, If I got off yesterday at 5PM NYC time... when I log in today I could click on drop downs to show what was added since.

1 tab (5pm yesterday) 2nd tab (now).. what do you think?


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  • I think closing questions at all is stupid. For a long time I didn't post because of this. Instant of notifications for choose MH, I get "lol we shut this cause it's been 3 days" even though it says 3 days count from the last opinion/reply/post. Complete shit.

    Worst feature ever but I'm sure they will stick with. Listen to what we say and then do more of what we hate :) welcome to gag! (Gag on their bullshit).


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  • I agree with you, polls should not be closed until they have at least two male, and two female opinions (unless the question is specified for just one gender).


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  • Yeah, I think questions should get some opinions at the very least. I think the closing questions feature isn't helpful in that case.

  • Well they actually extended the time limit. I believe it was 48hrs at first.

    I'll admit I did have a problem with them doing that originally however the reality is some question just won't ever get answered. If it takes 3 days and still no opion more than likely it's not going to happen.

    On the bright side the QA can always reask it 😕

    • Now what really pisses me off is them closing questions once the QA selected MH. People have opinions and even if they're not the best they should still be shared or what if it is useful or the best so what if you don't get MH useful advice is still useful advice.

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    • I feel like that's untrue. About 30 questions do get post at once and I still manage to see them all. The thing is the feed the same questions begin to pop up repeatedly as people leave an opinion or comment. You just have to make your way to others. Also they have a category that let's you know what questions haven't been answered yet so there's that.

      Reality is people avoid many questions because they just don't care or have no interest in that topic.

    • Well a "question that doesn't have an answer" is completely different from one that got pushed so far down the list that it hasn't been viewed by many. I do try to find the last post I viewed and start from there... but it is a pain in the ass/time consuming. I wish they had a filter that showed all new posts from your last viewed. I think the time of day it is posted is important. Maybe we need a filter that some most/least viewed post.. with an +/- option to show an Ascending/ descending order?

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  • As far as I know the rule is no activity for 72 hours and question closes - If a question is still no opinion after 72 hours, it is most likely to stay no opinion

  • Sometimes it tells me, it's going to close in 10 hours and then it closes in one hour. I don't know what's up with that.

  • Server space.

    • If that was the case.. they shouldn't be running a forum website... or limit the # of Questions posted on the same subject everyday. Also they should delete and old posts that weren't popular ( I. E. the ones were all the answers are people being sarcastic.)

    • Man power.

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