Poll is featured, closed?

You know what I love?
When a poll is featured, and so it pops up, everywhere, with a demand you answer it, and a promise of a whopping TWO WHOLE XPER if you vote in it...
... and the damn thing is closed! So nothing you do makes the poll go away, and there is no way to answer it.

Don't you love that too?

  • I love seeing a poll that is already closed, especially when it is splashed over every screen, demanding I vote in it also!
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  • You'd think that once a question was closed, it would be unfeatured...
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update: inb4 removed for "being a nonsense question"
New featured poll, new complaint!
Why can we not click on the featured poll to open it properly until AFTER we have voted on it? Why is there no option to comment on a featured poll without voting first? What if you disagree with the choices, and would like to add a third choice in a comment?


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  • I live for that shit... it's what gets me through the day.


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  • It's annoying. There should be a way to "exit out" of things we aren't interested in seeing. On YouTube you can say you're not interested in a recommendation, but you can't on here.

  • Yeah it's another stupid update.


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