Anything you guys would like to ask or say before I go by bye?

Hello peeps of GaG Im just wanting to really say buh bye and such before i go off from gag

Feel free to ask a question before i go or leave a statement if you wish

Toodles !


Most Helpful Girl

  • WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US? NOOOOOOO!!! YOU CAN'T GO!!! *chains you to a chain in the basement of @DooMguy 's house.

    • And i help, xD. We shoud drug him., he may scream.

    • @OrangeBoy You're right! We should also gag him. XD

    • hehe, believe it or not the banana is going to be sticking with me after he does the banana split (it feels good being an insider, I know things)

      If you really love something you set them/it free

Most Helpful Guy

  • I will never fuking forget you bro. Never. Do you hear me. NEVER. You're like a brother to me. We've had so many fun times on GAG. You will be greatly missed. I'm honestly crying right now. This is a lot to take in all at once but I know you'll go on to do great things with your life. I know we'll still keep in touch. Just promise me that you'll never forget me or the great times we had together. In honor of you I'm having French toast with bananas on top for breakfast in the morning. Take care dear friend. You will be missed.

    8/11/2015 - 7/6/2016

    Gone but never forgotten.


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