Is it normal for GAG to edit mytakes and put things in that you didn't write/post?

So i had a mytake called Nice guys and girls analyzed and overall seems to have positive reviews with people understanding the premise. What i noticed from my last notification was that a video of "nice guys" from GAG was added in that i never put into the take and my take was being reviewed. I haven't read it over to see if they edited my words or anything but is that what usually happens?

Nice Guys and Girls Analyzed

Does GAG go out of there way to edit your MyTake and put things in that you never said?

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  • Yes, they definitely will do that. I've heard of other users' Takes having the titles changed, paragraph breaks switched around, etc... I understand changing a few words or photos if they're inappropriate, but that's it.


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  • Yes, but if anything is changed, the author is almost always contacted. It's usually a minor title tweak or the addition of a pic or something, and maybe some grammar/spelling corrections and that's about it. In this case, we made a video citing one of the points you made in your Take, so we wanted to give you credit for that by including our vid. :)

  • I've heard that they do. Basically they are getting articles written for free that they can profit from. Gag users do the brunt of the work and they tweak it to make it seem more like a legit piece.

  • I knew sometimes they changed format but putting in one of their own videos is taking it a bit far.

  • They add pictures or videos to draw more readers

  • GAG is an authoritarian regime so yeah its normal

    • I hope this statement is not true. However, if they edit "mytake" then my take is not really a my take. And they may just be an authoritarian regime.

      I still do not understand what all this stuff is but I think I understand that a my take means this is how I feel about something and if they change that regardless of how little, I can't assume that your mytake is your take anymore.

      Very bad. As a matter of practice they should not ever edit a mytake regardless how much they want to.

      That is my advice to them.

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