Notifications that won't disappear?

Why doesn't the notification (1) and the Follower (1) disappear after I viewed it? It's aggravating the hell out of me:-(

I think I might have to delete/block the follower just because of this...

The "Mark all as read" worked... thanks everyone;-)


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  • Mark all read. Sometimes ghost notifications happen on here.


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  • If you go to your notifications page (click on the bell icon), you should see a button in the top right corner that says "Mark all as read." If you click this, it should clear the notifications. Please let us know if this does not work.

    • Thanks... so why doesn't it go away when I viewed the follower request, like a normal notification?

    • It should go away once it has been viewed but sometimes it does not. Ghost notifications happen sometimes but the "Mark all as read" button typically takes care of them.

  • That's why mine are turned off.

    It eventually goes away for a while.. but then it comes back! D:<


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