Can we post ANY YouTube video here without worrying about guidelines?

Since YouTube has its own posting guidelines which prohibits nudity and offensive stuff, I guess almost every video should be safe to post here, especially the ones that are at least a week old.

I was wondering if I'd post the videos like :-
☻Concert/Music festivals videos in which girls show off their boobs (for 1-2 sec in an hour video)
☻Videos saying "OP is a faggot" or some related stuff
☻Mortal Kombat fatalities
☻How to Perform a Prostate Exam
Or you know stuff like that

Obviously I won't seriously post them, there's not even any kind of need either, but who knows when the humanity needs them.

  • Yes, you can post ANY YT video blindly!
  • Yes, you can post ANY YT video, contextually.
  • No, there are a lot of YT videos which cannot be posted here at any cost
  • I am sophomaniac
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, if the YouTube video violates any of the GirlsAskGuys posting guidelines (such as showing nudity or graphic depictions of violence, etc.) then it may be removed. Please keep in mind our posting guidelines when choosing what to post, even if it's a video from YouTube. :)

    • Yeah I know. I was wondering about a music festival video. The DJ said "oh my gosh.. that girl is naked", then they showed that topless girl for ~2-3 seconds (in an hour long video). She was flat but still.. she was a naked women. Even tho YouTube prohibits nudity, it allowed it. That video has millions of views. No doubt YouTube doesn't know about it.
      What if I post such things here? Would it just be a luck if that post survived or are you lenient enough? :P

    • Any post that violates our guidelines is removed, and as you know, we don't allow nudity.

    • Ok thanks. Now I know what to do.

      Poor Pac-Man lol.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, even then, there are videos on YouTube which are incredibly bad taste like Racism, Shaming, Executions and Gore. I think YouTube's guidelines are kinda flawed and have many loopholes. So yeah, you can lost any video you want unless its particularly offensive.


What Girls Said 1

  • Most people won't watch videos on gag because they're either at work or they're lazy bums.


What Guys Said 3

  • I just think any post goes through the usual guidelines if someone reports it and admin take it down - There is no pre vetting because of I presume staff numbers so whether a post contains safe or presumed safe material is irrelevant - The only concession I see is Editor's getting their take promoted unseen though even those are checked later and if an editor breaks rules enough time I am sure they will lose Editorship

  • Some videos manage to slip through youtube's guidelines, much like many posts slip through here.

  • the gag thought police will remove anything with nudity. Then spank you and send you to your room without desert.

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