Will admin delete a question for you if you ask them?

And also why does our picture stay on here even when we delete them from the image hosting site it's stored on?

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  • No, we do not delete posts per user request. If a post does not violate our guidelines, we won't remove it. However, we recently intoduced the new ability for users to delete their own questions, as long as certain criteria are met. You can learn about that function and how to delete a post in our FAQ here. :) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts#61

    • I have a question that meets the criteria and it won't delete? So I think there is a flaw in the system. And why are our images stuck on here even when they're deleted from the host site?

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    • If you look at the FAQ again, it explains why some questions may not be deleted. Some questions that are selected as "Great" or become "popular" on the site (marked with a pink/blue flame) cannot be deleted.

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  • It would all depend on the reason you wanted it deleted would be my guess


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  • You can do it yourself now. Just wait for the question to close and then delete it.

  • No unless it violates their rules


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  • If the image was removed from the image hosting site, it would also be removed from gag. Admins only delete things that break the guidelines.

    • I removed an image from the hosting site months ago and it's still on here. How can that be?

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    • I was wrong. Sorry.

    • No problem

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