How come the myTake I'm writing won't submit?

I'm having to basically delete everything written on it and it still won't send at all. The page doesn't come up with a red warning thing telling me what's wrong at all. This is really frustrating me and I'm about to say fuck it and not care about sending it or just send it in a very shitty way since it won't let me send it other wise.


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  • So you aren't seeing any error messages? What exactly happens when you try to submit it?

    • Just stayed on the preview page and wouldn't go to submit. I did have over 20 links but then I got down past that but then it still wouldn't send it. So then I tried to delete more but then once I went to fire fox it worked. The web browser i normally use is Vivaldi.

    • Okay, so given that situation, it was likely just an issue with that specific browser, since you said it worked when you tried Firefox. We'll keep this on our radar though, just let us know if you experience any further issues. :)

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