Does GAG have authority to spy on people?

They act like the nsa. Because of them I can't work. Gag is keeping me restricted on this site. When I post something it doesn't show on the live feed which shows I'm right. They dont like what I have to say gee I wonder why hmmm.
What a 'coincidence' GAG was on a break again as usual when I said something they didn't want to hear. If you wanted to spy all you had to do was ask and maybe I would of say yes. At least show some manners when you send intruders.


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  • Not unless
    You use a proxy or a VPN!.. Keep your firewall up!.. Use a secure browser!.. To use this site try blocking your camera when not in use or pluck out the chords.
    The highest risk is when you are using!.. The #gag application!.. Where application has certain authority over your Device!.. Info and your OS and integrated software in #gag application can do this job!.. But this website!.. Won't do it!.. It illegal! And if anyone downloads the apk setup of application and unpacks it using winrar you will get the information stealing application software Integrated inside it!.. Also almost all anti virus or malware detector!.. Are capable of detection of such hidden traps in a application!.. Even your firewall will give you a warning if it's a risky stuff!.. Or some advance browser like opera and chrome don't even open the infected source page!.. Just be sure you are using reputated products as your application software from the market!.. Keep then updated and also try keeping!.. Your system software updated!.. You will be safe and don't be paranoid!..
    And still afraid start wearing a mask

    • The gag app is going to be a spy tool for sure. But how to deal with stalkers they send is another problem

    • Well don't use the app stick to the browser!.. So my convenient interface you can enable cookies

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  • Spy how?

    • Oh I don't know maybe send stalkers in your home hack your devices. You that kind of stuff.

    • Woah no no.. LOL.. 😂😂

    • *you know

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