Sorry if this has been asked numerous times but how does your MHO go up on GAG?

Is it an all time calculation on people who give you MHOs on your responses or does it get calculated weekly or?



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  • All time - In your profile you will see something like you have 200 MHOs out of 1,000 (20%)
    That means of all the opinions you have given MHOs were awarded on 1,000 of them of which you got 200 - Does that make sense?


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  • Hi! MHO% is the ratio of the number of your opinions that are selected as Most Helpful Opinion, to the total number of your eligible opinions (your eligible opinions are the opinions you posted for questions that has MHO selected for your gender after you post your opinion). Your MHO% can fluctuate often depending on how many opinions you are posting and how often your opinions are being selected as Most Helpful. This information can also be found in our FAQ here. :)


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  • I think it's an overall score. As time goes by, it seems to stay exactly the same. Mine has been on 18% for the last 9 months or so.

    • Mine has been on 11% forever it seems and never seems to go up despite getting MHOs sometimes.

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    • this is because your rate of getting MHO's is consistent with not getting MHO e. g. you get 10/50 so a 20% MHO then say you get another 8 but you will have also got say 40 non MHO with that so it's 18/90 so it's still 20%

    • @Josht13 I see. Well, guess I won't worry about it. Was just wondering for quite awhile and decided to ask. :)


  • I would have thought it's the amount of times you got picked MHO divided by the all the questions you've answered that have had MHO. E. g. 16/100= 16% but I don't know.


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