How come gag is not as popular as Quora and reddit?

I feel like gag is dying. The number of active users are on a decline. This site is filled with bitter mgtow members. Some of the ladies are still pretty decent and sociable.


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  • Because the community is fucking toxic. Like I go to tumblr and right away I see things that make me happy and want to make other people happy. I come on here and see people stooping into themselves and trying to be horrid. Who wants to be around that?


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  • Well, from the perspective of the consumer, two things come to mind when visiting GaG.

    1. Garbage content patched together by a self serving egoist (except for the posts of my dear friends, of course) FEATURED on the front page.
    2. Sponsored content that pollutes the integrity of this site, and a fuckload of ads.
    3. A fuckload of ads. Yes, Adblock exists. But the Tolga is clearly a money hungry motherfucker looking to place adds down our sweaty cracks.

    Hopefully that extra dime is worth being a middling Q&A site with no prospect of reaching its potential.

    The user experience tells all, really.


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  • The misogynists take everything over eventually. I'm just looking for somewhere else to go that won't be awful, which means Reddit is out.

  • Because it's full of immature people who just want virtual fights
    Quora is for intellectual people who want to have healthy discussion on any topic.


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  • Yeah I think there is a lull on GaG but I remember I noticed a lag last year around summertime as well so that might be it. I have been on GaG with 3 accounts back to back for about 16 months and I have definitely felt the site change about 5 times. Maybe 2 times it had a real buzz and the other 3 seemed to be a lull, it could be a cyclical thing.

  • I don't like Quora's software. I don't know anyone there.

  • You sound more bitter than anyone. LOL

  • It is very common for people to come and go.

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