Do you think GAG, in it's own way, reflects the dark and immature nature of the romance game?

Do you ever just read some of the same immature questions and the cynical opinions of some of the people on this website and secretly think to yourself, "Is this... how many people secretly think about the love game? Do many people just secretly hate the opposite gender and think they're all liars? Do people really think life is all about being an alpha male and laughing at beta males instead of just... well, trying to find out who you truly are without all the social stigma and societal pressures?

It's like GAG reflects this, like, dark nature about society and what men and women secretly think about the opposite gender or even it's own gender in it's most raw, written form.

People are SERIOUSLY and cynical and immature here, and it kind of makes me wonder just how much of the truth this website reveals about people. I'm still not entirely sure that through the power of internet anonymity, whether or not this website is revealing the true dark nature of love, or if it's just people who are trolling.


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  • Yes very much so


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  • This is really deep... and extremely true.
    Whether its trolling or not, I think it's not one or the other, it's probably both.

    Going on your post: "advice" on here is like maybe 40% accurate. The reason I say this is because people are advising based on a perception of the situation by the author who is overthinking the whole situation. So really, advice given on here could make the situation at hand worse. (This goes for dating, crushing, or "what does this mean" sort of topics).
    Advice for break ups can generally be good advice though– as it's opinion based.
    And then you have trolls– people just looking to screw around.

    In terms of cynicism, I truly agree. I also feel like a lot of things need to stay "conventional" too. And a lot of people think along the lines of : "this can't be happening, it shouldn't be happening like this" instead of asking the questions: "why am I uncomfortable with it?"

  • I just ignore most of the really stupid, shallow and moronic questions!

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