Who are your favorite GaGers, and why?

Whether it's their funny questions, their snappy comebacks in opinion wars, or their insightful and helpful MyTakes, you probably have at least one GaG user who you look forward to seeing the posts of. You can list as many people as you'd like. Why are they your favorites?


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  • Popularity contests are utter, utter bullshit. lol

    • This isn't a popularity contest. This is asking who you like for whatever reason you like them. I didn't put a poll for that exact reason, you could choose literally any user. You can choose a close friend who uses the site, or someone who posts frequently. I also don't want to know who people dislike the most. This is only a popularity "contest" if you turn it into one, and if it does turn into a contest of sorts I'm going to be reporting people who participate in harmful behavior towards others by debating how likable someone else is.

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    • Meh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • thanks for mh!

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  • I believe, @lexythelou22, we are Only Allowed to mention 5 here, dear.
    @RicanEyes, my cousin, who has always been Loyal, Trustworthy, a True Family and Friend to the End. I love you, cous!
    @Ishtar, who is a Sister to me, who has stood by me, through Thick and Thin, Never Once being Thin skinned. I love her as well, and I am thankful for her friendship and her Heart tha tis as Big as the Sun and the moon. I love you, sis!
    @skykidx1, since I First Started here, 2 years ago, has always been a bro to me, I love him so much, and no matter what, has never dished me nor forsaken me, no more what. I love you, bro.
    @Anilkumar3277 has stood by me for a very long time on Gag, and no mater what Disagreements we have had, he always returns to me for Friendship and Caring because it is in his heart from the Start.
    *I have Many others who are my Favorite, but only can name 5 so this is Who I Choose.
    Good luck and Great question. xx


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