Do you have any ideas for interesting new features you think admins should consider?

This site is, for all intents and purposes, a social media site for sorts. I'm curious, what sorts of other features people would like to see here?

My personal answer is a personal journal. A 500 character limit per entry or something, in our own profiles, where we could just babble. Tell a joke. Express a frustration, or amusement, or something else, that is either about this site, or that we want to share with people here, that can't really be thrown into a question, and is not long enough, or important enough, to warrant a MyTake on.

I am obviously not a mod or admin of any kind. I'm just curious to hear input.

bump? I'd love some answers!


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  • The journal is a neat idea. What I have always vouched for is some more customization of our private profiles. Like, different color schemes, different layout etc. Shouldn't be anything too fancy or hard to code. Just let us choose red or brown or yellow over just blue or pink.


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  • I think they should consider taking a chill pill.

    Like seriously, they're a bunch of kgb officers.

    • roflmao
      i admit, they are overzealous in removing posts, questions, etc. and should allow things to just flow, without feeling they need to guide it.
      That said, that wasn't quite my question :-p
      I was wondering what new feature they could add that you would like to use.

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