What take should I write?

I have a few ideas for a take but I'm split on which I should write. What do you guys want to see?

P. S: I disabled Anon posts so I can give credit for who recommends what and because if you can't own your opinion you don't deserve to voice it.

  • Where my name came from
  • Why I make music
  • Why I'm more attractive to women who dress conservatively
  • Why "transgender" isn't a gender
  • American vs Canadian military
  • General history lesson on the war of 1812
  • Why I don't agree with choosing what gender you identify with
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Why I'm more attracted to women who dress conservatively is what C is supposed to be. I had a bit of a typo there.
We need a few more votes guys, I can't get a real answer if I have ties going on :P


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  • "A" sounds a bit Different for a change, @ThatJarHead.
    Good luck and Great going. Thanks for Caring and Sharing. xx


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  • Well, how much shit do you want to stir up haha? That's the question. I would go with "Why I make music". That sounds inspiring.

    • It's supposed to be what do you want to read XD not how much shit I can cause. If I wanted to cause shit I'd just write a take on how fat women are not attractive and then I'd watch the shit fly.

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    • So harsh 😭

    • I said sorry! I need answers to the poll still :P

  • I chose F because it's something different. I would like some more interesting things here and history lessons would be interesting to me.
    The last one would cause a shit storm so you should do that one too.

  • I chose B, but honestly any of the first three sound good

  • Some of these are going to stir up drama.
    'Where my name came from.'

    • The purpose of most of my takes is to challenge people and their logic. Usually that results in angry children and hypersensitive feminists blocking me and they think I care. Starting conversation is something I strive for :P

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  • I think you should write exactly what you most feel like writing. :) And I appreciate interesting topics and quality production, no matter what the topic is.

    Of course, strictly from a content management and promotion standpoint, I'd vote for either of the gender topics or the reason you're more attracted to women who dress conservatively, just because they're more likely to get more attention here and elsewhere.

    • Well thanks for the advice Fathoms! I'm only asking for opinions because I'd like to write them all equally. :)

  • Well I do assume you know that the Canadians while may have been attacked barely did any of the fighting themselves, as the majority of it was done by the British.
    We didn't attack Canada because we wanted Canada, We attacked Canada because the British were ignoring us while they decided to press American Sailors off ships when we asked them to stop.
    It just happens that the best way to get them to listen was to attack a British Colony, and we got a little bit of land out of the deal.

  • I would like to hear the logic of C "Why I'm more attractive to women who dress conservatively"

  • D or G.

    No particular reason. I voted for G though.

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