What question would you ask to start an argument?

What question could you ask right now that you know would get someone mad
And argue with you
I have a couple
These aren't real questions

"Who's ready for trump to build that wall?"
"Why are the people on here jerks"
"I dragged this girl by the tiddies am i wrong?"
"Why do periods stink?" etc


Most Helpful Girl

  • "Why am I so hot?"
    People hate seeing confident people


Most Helpful Guy

  • On GaG at the moment any Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton question will kick up a stink.


What Girls Said 2

  • "what is wrong with feminism? I support it?" all guys would be like you are crazy

  • "What's your take on Feminism?"
    "Pewdiepie produces quality content."
    reply to anything with "check out this jackass haha"


What Guys Said 3

  • Why would someone want to start an argument, on purpose?
    I don't 'argue' because that is just two angry people defending their tenuous grasp on their 'belief' and just talking rhetoric!!
    I accept 'debating', with someone offering a premise, and accepting my counter, where we both, HONESTLY CONSIDER the others point of view, and the idea that maybe the premise we suggest, might be wrong!!
    What if someone offers a better ideal, something I never considered, and I think about that, and listen, OPENLY, TRYING TO UNDERSTAND, and what if I decide that I agree with them?
    THAT IS DEBATE, and how we grow, learn, and find a better way to live together with different ideas!!
    I Don't assume I am RIGHT, and I expect the other to be open, as well, as we talk, discuss, and share insights, thoughts, and experiences.

    • I didn't say start an argument on purpose i was basically asking what question would make people on here mad

      I never said start an argument

    • Check out this jackass haha
      OP get your head out of your *

    • I would say, "Good Save' and I will give you the benefit of the doubt, because I want to believe in the natural goodness of people.
      They way you posted was just a little too suggestive, and like you were inciting an argument.
      That is definitely your right to do, but maybe not what you intended. Not judging...

  • Well arguments are never good or healthy, I mean that's what I think. Yes, having healthy conversations, discussions are fine but arguments no.

    Yes, if one wants to purposely start an argument or make someone mad then there are many things that can be said.

    However I'll never say anything like that. I always make sure I don't start arguments, I always express myself, say what I want and then I carry on.

  • HAHA who shot first?- Starwars reference

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