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People of GaG, would you like to do more with your profile pages? Do you think they need an upgrade? I personally feel they've been left behind with all the updates over the last 12 months. I think they could benefit from a better layout and maybe a little more on features.

Personally I think it would be nice to be able to be able to "pin" a Take to your profile so it shows the title picture and heading. I know you can leave a link but I think it would look nicer to have it actually previewed there, I definitely think the layout and appearance need an overhaul.

What about you guys, any suggestions you think would be beneficial?

I also think it would be a nice option to allow those who follow you to see your profile but have it still private to those who don't.


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  • Eh, I honestly don't even pay attention to others' profiles usually. I'll check them on the rare occasion. However, that being said, maybe if they made upgrades, I'd be more likely to check them out. I'm not sure what features I'd like to see, though.

    • I know what you mean, there's no reason to go there at the minute but I think for Editors and such they should upgrade them, make them show off their Editor's Takes a little more, highlight their work. After all, it is the users that make this site.

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    • Thanks :)

    • You're welcome!

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  • Multiple pics would be cool. Almost like social media.

    • Maybe like three pics on the profile page, to break it up a little but I'm not sure I'd personally put a lot up. Would you upload a lot of photos if you could?

  • I'm not a heavy user of the info in my profile... I'm only doing the minimum maintenance required. So for me not required but I would not mind either :D

    • I can understand a lot of people wouldn't want to use extra features but I think the option might be nice.

    • Sure, and if there are enough people who would like to see that happen, it's a good idea for a future update :D

  • I would like a pool table included on mine with nibblies and a mini bar

  • I would like us to be able to categorise our questions and opinions. Currently we can only see them in descending order based on date posted. But I would like to categorise based on, say, amount of upvotes downvotes, amount of responses and etc. This is actually important because it would further the cause of this site - to come and seek advice. And what's the point of having years worth of text if you can't find it anymore?

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    • OK, guys. Taking notes here.

      I really do pay attention to questions like this. ;)

    • @DiogoRibeiro I just think you have a lot of people who work really hard for this website, writing content week after week, I think their profile pages should be a better advert of that. Perhaps do the featured/promoted myTakes thing for Editor's. You are confident enough to make them editors, show off their takes a little better. I just feel the profiles are way behind the site and it's changes. Show off your Editors, make it so the content doesn't disappear into the ether once it's been promoted and read by the current users. You have new people joining every day. Showcase your Editors work a little more. Make the back catalogue easier and more appealing.

  • more pics so i can show off how beautiful i am

  • That "Take" style for a profile is a great idea

    • Did you read DooMguy's take on the idea? Not a my Take just his thoughts about it...

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  • I'm new here so i dont know much around here. What were these changes that you are talking about? I guess it would be cool if they had more options for profile pics, it seems kinda limiting with the sizes and cropping and everything...

    • Oh there's been a lot of changes over the past couple of years... too many to name!

      Yes, the photo image cropping and the shape is annoying isn't it?

    • yeah i ended up not not choosing the pics of myself that i like that much just so they fit better. I wish there were more options

  • Maybe I'd like to have more stuff like. "Who am I?"
    "What do I do for fun?"
    These questions help me xD

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