Should I use my real picture as my avatar when I reached master?

Or should I just keep the black, brown and yellow?
Should I use my real picture as my avatar when I reached master?

  • Use a real picture.
  • Keep current style.
  • Who cares?
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  • You have to change for the sake of legacy. Don't break the chain. But, it doesn't mean that this will be your final. You can say, after becoming a master, your profile has been released from the curse and now, it can change its profile pic whenever its master wants.

    I don't like the current colours of your profile pic. They're dull. Legends say that having sharp, bright colours make your opinions more visible.

    Okay so the question is, how about your real picture? Well, speaking from experience, this feels a bit awkward. When I signed up, I decided to not to put my pic ever and keep a low profile, but my opinions were hilarious and sometimes helpful and I easily befriended with a lot of peeps so, they started asking for my pic. I refused. It'd be cheating if I PMed a few members. But the peer pressure was too damn high. They used to say that "I know you're handsome" what I found offensive because they're being too nice and it's not like I'm really ugly. Time passed, things changed. I decided to finally put it because I was sickened tired. There were a few troll questions too in which they put up a random ugly pic and asked a rate me question saying "so, this is me, finally putting a pic", they (anons) were pretending to be me. Then I replied on opinions, blowing the whistle. I decided to put it after getting to Guru. I received random replies like "Aww cute" "Aww you're 7/10". I mean I didn't even ask for a rate, I was just opining on questions, what's the point in rating me lol?

    So yeah, things are complicated here. But I don't think you'll receive 'such' kind of reaction because you already revealed yourself in your cover pic. But there will always be people like Smmyskittles who're a little curious lol.

    A lot of people say, they take your opinions more seriously when you put your own picture. I didn't notice the change. I am taken equally seriously regardless of picture. But if they say so, it maybe so. Who knows? But a lot of users care only about one thing, Xper points, nothing else.

    It's cool to have signature logo. You have one. Don't ditch it, but make some improvements. I'd recommend you to rotate a number of pictures when you become a master, including your pic, you logo and other random shit.

    Good luck! :)


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