What's with the interracial questions?

Why so many questions likw this lately? Most people prefer their own race and that's okay, and quite frankly I don't give a shit who you want to fuck. If people want demographics on this stuff, said demographics are out there. 90% + of relationships are same race, and most women prefer white men, with black women generally prefering pacific island (like Hawaiian) men. But even with these demographics, why should it matter? Quite frankly I think it's pretty racist for people to go on and on about race like this. It doesn't matter, and numbers don't lie.


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  • Well being that by 2050 mix race people will be the face of the U. S you best get used to interracial relationships because THEY ARE becoming the norm. And where are you getting this 90 percent from?

    • The US census lol

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    • @hfudcbgirls24gay WOW. you are a weird one.

    • Good fucking lord, what did I start haha. Everyone is different. Just because the study showed that women of all races (except black, who prefer pacific islanders) prefered white guys, doesn't make that the fucking rule. There are people who prefer other races or simply don't give a shit. Liking another race too doesn't make someone a cuck, it just makes them different, just like how everyone is different. Everyone is an individual, and has there own likes and dislikes

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  • Oh it's just an American past time to talk about race all the time


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  • Maybe some people want to encourage interracial dating because it's silly to miss out on a great person because you don't come from the same place.

    • See I honestly just believe in leaving it alone. People do their own thing, and if that's your bag, then go about it. But I frankly think that when so much emphasis is put on race it becomes a bigger deal. I don't see how racial preferences in dating is that bad. If a black guy likes black women, then that's just fine, and the same with white people, purple people, green people, whatever. You like what you like I guess is my point

    • Well obviously people can date who they want, you like what you want. It's not like by saying "You should date ____ people" forces them in any way. If they feel some weird about it, it's their own problem. But some people don't really consider dating outside of their own race, but those who do sometimes find themselves really have once they do. I see it as a don't knock it until you try it, but a lot of people see other races and say "they're hot but too bad they're _____" because they are so used to sticking to their own. If you're not interested, then just don't, encouraging it won't make a differences for those people then.

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  • That's how black supremacist promote their black superiority propaganda/nonsense the most with. Bragging about their domination of white women and desperately look for weak minded white girls to agree with them.

    • Meanwhile only 3% of white women are in miscegenated relationships.

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