Please, can GAG add a feature "mute a (particular) take/question/user"?

Oh, come on. This crap has a long history. I frequently feel annoyed by some particular questions and takes. Of course, there are some users who constantly write some questions and takes which have been promoted for so many times. (Honestly, I even don't understand why their s**t are always promoted and/or recommended).

Anyway, I want to mute something on my timeline. They are so annoyed yet they are promoted for so many times.

Oh, please. @GirlsAskGuys



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  • It would be nice to have the option to mute an anonymous poster's takes and questions, yeah.

    This wouldn't even have to reveal the poster's identity -- I'm just talking about... removing those takes/questions from my feed, so I don't have to be bothered.

    I'm thinking of 3 particular anonymous posters who ALWAYS post the exact same kinds of questions over and over and over again:

    1) Male anon 18-24, who has never been to the USA (or anywhere in the Americas at all), posting a million zillion questions/takes bad-mouthing the USA for reasons that aren't even true.

    2) Male anon 25-29 posting a zillion questions about whether women like hairy men.

    3) Female anon 18-24 posting five hundred million zillion questions about "sluts".

    It would be nice to... prune these from my feed. (: How 'bout it, @xhoneyxbeex @fathoms77 ?

    • Yes, interesting idea, thanks for your feedback! :)

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    • Now idea. The young used to go outside and play sports and socialize with people and actually lived life. Technology has kept them secluded indoors and now they don't know how to talk to people. They internalize their anger and just spew hate behind the safety of a computer screen.

    • Tx for the MH luv <3

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  • What is the point of muting the user if you can block them. Block feature is already there. If you don't want a particular user to post in your opinions then you can block them.

    • Well, there's no need to block someone if we didn't have a direct confrontation; personally I think it's unnecessary.

    • Yes, that's also a good point.

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  • @GirlsAskGuys

    This user has a request for a potential feature.

    I like your idea. I think users have been wanting something like that for a while if I'm reading your question right. The best you can do right now is to block the users that bother you and make sure you don't see any of their content by checking your settings.

    If you've commented on a question that is sending you bothersome notifications, you can always mute them by going to the question and clicking the three dots at the top right-hand side and choosing "Mute."

  • Thanks for your feedback! In the meantime, you can always block any particular users you are bothered by.

  • You can block them

    • Good idea if someone write annoying questions and takes and get them promoted so frequently. But:
      (1) Some people just write one or two questions and takes which I feel so annoying;
      (2) Even if I want to block all such posts by blocking their writers, I can't do it if it's anonymous.

    • so maybe you could just accept that there are people in the world you don't like and just look past them.

  • I want to be able to remove certain questions from my feed. Like a "I don't want to see this" or dismiss feature. @xHoneyxBeex @DiogoRibeiro is that a possibility for the future?


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  • Just ignore it, and come back another day.
    Browse questions by categories to avoid those.
    Answer the questions with no answers yet.

    Spend some time on How do I look, it's always fun.
    Keep calm and GaG away

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