Do you think GAG should have a 'Promotion Week' for new writers of TAKE's?

I think the main appeal of GAG is the diversity of opinions and thoughts on varied issues and the World as a whole.

Sadly, some people write brilliant stuff that never gets the exposure it deserves.

To help in this, and encourage new people to add their thoughts to GAG, do you think there should be a week where all new authors of TAKE's have their work promoted on the Site?


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  • I think we need to stop promoting Editor takes that are dull as hell, not only dull but repetitive and unsourced and just made to stir up bullshit.

    A lot of decent writing is never looked at here because it just isn't clickbait, but that says as much about the site as it does the readers.


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  • Well I should say a few things:

    It really should be based on quality and receptivity

    If an editor's take isn't that great, it can actually be unpromoted, it isn't permanently promoted just because it's under an editor title

    And I think it isn't necessarily feasible to have a new featured take every week.

    I would love to see new writers, of course, and editors definitely have earned their right to have their stuff promoted (take it from a girl who's written near 40 takes herself) but that doesn't mean that other writers can't share in the spotlight. I think if we all just encourage each other, make a habit to offer constructive criticism on newer works and also offer words of encouragement that the playing field will be just as fair for everyone. Also, keep in mind that anything you write, you can link other people's works as well, so that's another way to help your non-editor friends get a little exposure.

    But maybe I'm biased though.

    • We have earnt the right, but I always feel we as Editors are unfairly favoured with Takes to the detriment of others

      just my 'take', and I am wrong more often than not :p

    • I wouldn't necessarily say it's unfair at all. If you build a reputation in the community then of course your work is going to be more recognized. It's like saying an author shouldn't have more fame than a talented writer who hasn't been published.

      But I do see where you are coming from.

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  • It's a great idea and I LOVE to see new writers all the time. However, reality is reality: The bottom line is that we couldn't possibly Promote every new writer's work because frankly, most of it isn't quite good enough. However, with just a little guidance from us, people with great ideas can indeed become prolific Take writers.

    Just about all Takes get approved, though, so don't forget that. And I do like the idea of highlighting some new people who are producing great stuff, so we'll take this under advisement. :)

    • I think it is a tad unfair to others how Editors instantly get their work promoted. And sure they have earnt that right through their quality and volume of work.

      But, I think the site would benefit from more inclusion of new peoples TAKE with them being promoted more readily

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    • inclusionism of all is always the way to build something.

      there are some really insightful and clever people on here from an avante guarde viewpoint that would readily blow others minds with their thoughts.

      even the younger people, maybe run a comp for the under 18 community- i would even donate my 20000 Xp points as prize :)

    • Hey, don't forget that we have a number of Editors who are under 18. :)

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