Anyone wonder how gag system works sometimes?

Anyone wonder how gag system works sometimes?
I mean you can post a question with a girl fully clothed (more covered up than some of the profiles of some girls on here) and with some explicit language and then a female gager chimes in butthurt. Next thing you know it gets removed and gag says it was removed for too explicit and your like WTF?

Or a female gager says responds in question this seems like troll question when it's a legit question about your relationship advice and next thing you know a legit question asking for help gets removed because a girl reported it just because she felt it was spammy.

Then we have questions which while offensive bring up real shit in society and has facts to back it up and some person on GAG gets upset and butthurt by it and it gets removed for too antagonistic.

U can say the word nigga which is not the same as the N word and many people use in casual language a girl reports it as offensive and then it gets taken down when the rest of the question was not offensive, she just had problem with the word.

It's like WTF is too antagonistic, explicit, offensive and spammy for GAG?


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