So is this site censoring everything to the point we can't even discuss mental health anymore? For the girl who had a question about depression?

I found this question by this poor girl, sounded really depressed, not suicidal though. Went to try and comfort her, tell her she is NOT alone, and suggest she seek CBT and possible psychiatry, but I can't because some idiot mod removed it! WTF mods, is anything other than parroting your own personal beliefs and pretending life is sunshine and rainbows "too offensive"?

To the girl who posted about being so depressed you sometimes want to die:

Believe it or not I used to be like that :( I am sorry about your mom and all the horrible things that befell you. And yes people can be very insensitive when you are like this, be it in RL or trying to silence you online. But there is hope. First please go and seek Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a caring professional. Look into medications if necessary. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and remember, you are not alone, even though it often seems like you are :)

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  • Yeah I typed out a decent response that I thought would be helpful and when I clicked send it nothing happened so I clicked on the question and it'd been taken down. She said she didn't actually want to kill herself, just didn't feel like living, the mods and admins demonstrate #shitforbrains sometimes.


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  • Posts where people are believed to be at risk of committing suicide are removed. The question askers are referred to mental health services.

    If you want to change this policy, I suggest you contact the admins.


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  • Yes, I think if the post is referring or talking suicidal tendencies then it gets deleted immediately.

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