How do I attract?

Get people to view or respond to gag questions? I gotcha. Respond if I got you or let me know how I can get people to respond or give opinions.

  • You got me
  • Eh, not really
  • I will explain how to attract opinions and views
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  • 1. Be popular
    "How to be popular?"
    1.1. Start commenting on others' opinions. Make sure they're good or funny enough.
    1.2. Post good opinions. This will make people take you more seriously.
    2. Be controversial.
    3. Use slurs. "Sluts" will attract more attention than "promiscuous women".
    4. Be an active user.
    5. Make sure people like you and are likely to follow you. This will highlight your questions more.
    6. Post when most of the Americans are free or online.
    7. Add little bit humor.
    8. Do not post wall of text.
    8.1. Use paragraphs.
    8.2. Keep the word count as short as possible.
    9. Reply on opinions. So thay when the opinion owner replies, your question will get highlighted in the site feed of the users following the opinion owner.
    10. This is a random point I forgot.


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