Agree or disagree? When a person answers a question by repeating the question, they're about to lie?

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  • Repeating what a person said is taught to be used for various interaction problems, such as negotiation and conflict resolution.

    • Really? I was literally taught if a person answers a question with a question they're thinking of a lie

    • You were probably not "taught" that in an official capacity.

    • @ProbablyTooMature kind of

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  • Most of the time, their body can tell more.

    • The body language was hard to distinguish

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    • Looking away? and repeating the question? And then answering?

    • I'm usually good at this but I think I'm blinded by attraction lol

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  • Nah, that may be the case sometimes, but not always.

    • Simple question like, "what's your name?"

    • They could be answering in a sarcastic tone, but still end up giving you their name. :P

  • Lol usually they are stalling and trying to come up with a response because they can't believe the question you asked

    • I would agree with that but it was a simple question lol

  • Sometimes. Everybody always thinks that though, and I have done it a few times then I've thought uh oh they think I'm lying now lol, and I wasn't lying.

    • But if it's simple question like what's your name lol

    • I think it is a lie to buy them time sometimes, but then you can also see their brain working over time while they think of an answer. Sometimes they just repeat it because they didn't hear properly but figured it out a split second later.
      Like "what's you're name?"
      "... my name? Sarah" or something like that.
      I think if somebody is answering your questions in a different way from how they usually do, or something just seems off and you can't put your finger on it... they might be lying.

  • I disagree. That's not a way to tell whether someone is lying or not.

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