Who is the most know it all person on gag to you?

I mean there is a lot of know it all's on this site, who annoys you.


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  • I'm probably like a know-it-all from time to time, but it really depends on the subject. Like in music, I know I can be kind of annoying because I take questions and stuff on it perhaps a bit too seriously 😅.

    I try to be open minded in things-- that is, if someone can contest my logic and disprove it. However, I know I'm relatively hard to persuade in music and my pride gets all tangled up in it. Once pride is in it, it's game over lol

    With all that in mind, I feel like being a know it all (aka someone who essentially thinks they are correct and are always right) is relatively normal to an extent. We are all kind of know it alls at times because we don't want to be told we are wrong. That being said, there are varying degrees of know-it-allness, but I don't plan on mentioning anyone specific :)


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