More mod abuse? Anything featured they don't like is hidden to be "unfeatured"?

So I ask a question, I get a message saying its "great" and going to be featured. Then another that says its been "hidden". It comes back unhidden, but no longer "Featured." So do mods just hide any question they don't like that gets "Featured" so at the very least it is no longer featured? This is not the first time this has happened, by the way...

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  • They probably thought your Take was breaking the rules. What was your Take about?


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  • Uh... what was your Take about? I don't know why a mod would hide a Take that's feature, but maybe they didn't know it was featured. I don't always look to see if a Take is featured or promoted.


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  • I'm not sure how the feature system works. All I'll say is a supermod, or ubermod probably considered it broke the rules and hid it. It's then up to admin to review it. If they uphold the mods decision, they will delete it. If they consider it OK, after all, they will reinstate it.

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