Do anti-religious or calmly atheist myTakes topics seem not to get promoted?

  • Yes
  • Now that you mention it , i notice it
  • No
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, anti-religious or calmly atheist myTakes don't seem to get promoted and it's most likely because there's an obvious undertone of condescension or the atheist comes off as fishing for a bickering argument/an opportunity to disprove someone's religious beliefs. It's rare to find an atheist that knows how to respectfully talk about religion without obsessively fixating on denouncing religion and that is where it becomes rude and disrespectful.

    I'm glad GAG doesn't tolerate that nonsense openly by promoting it.

    • Most athesists are reasonable people. If calmly ask "Is there any proof to your religious claims in your holy text." Because he doesn't know. religious people on here and other sites tend to attack you and accuse you of what you just said in your opinion.

      There are atheisits you talk about but Most aren't like that.

      People can write takes on why their religion is right but atheisits can't do the same thing?

      Even just giving their observations of what they see isn't allowed. Its a bias against atheists.

      Most atheists would convert to religion if they were shown proof of the mystic claims in it. Thats all they ask for. And given that (as far as i know) there isn't proof of "mystical" claims in the holy texts, there's contradictions in it, and it resembles ancient mythical religions, its not unreasonable for them not to be believe in religion.

      Why can't they just say their opinion on the subject like religious people can?

      Now if they come out using hate speech i understand it

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    • Well im sorry you ran into so many atheists like that.

    • You don't have to be sorry but thank you. 😌 That's very respectful of you but you don't have to be sorry for something you didn't personally do yourself

Most Helpful Guy

  • No, I don't think that

    • About how many atheist mYtakes have you seen compared to religious

    • A decent amount actually, like 40-60

What Girls Said 1

  • Nothing un-controversial gets promoted here. So if you're going to talk about atheism or anything be sure to offend people in the process.

    • The key is to make it click bait and get people stirred up so theyre likely to comment on it

What Guys Said 2

  • it seems to me the other way around

    • I've never seen an atheist mytake but I've seen plently of religious mytakes

    • i have seen atheist mytake

    • How many atheists and how many religious have you seen? Ratio wise

  • Now that you mention it , i notice it

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