Why do people put that they're 100 years old on here, when they most likely aren't?

I've seen people do this, then when I call them out on it, their profile disappears within minutes of me doing that

I'm not saying it's not possible to live to 100, hell I think the oldest person alive right now is like what? 112, or something, but like, honestly, why would a 100 year old be on GAG?


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  • I'm far concerened as to why on earth you added the words "most likely" to your title? 😂

    1. Why do you care?
    2. A 100 year old wouldn't be on GAG they're far more experied than any of us and I don't think they could use the internet
    3. I've never seen members with accounts like that disappear (close enough) @mistnigqa808


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  • lol, waiting for 100 year old GaG user to comment. XD

    I asked one and he said it was because "how I feel inside". Just the one.

    The rest, maybe just for fun.


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  • I'm assuming it's becuase not everyone wants to share their age while also not wanting to go anonymous to answer things. Some people also just like to answer questions in trolly ways. I believe choosing Antarctica as a location is even possible on this site.

    Once upon a time the site had an age range displayed instead of everyone's exact age and I actually kind of miss that.

    • If you go anonymous, the age range shows

  • It doesn't make sense.

  • Maybe they're vampires.

  • @errhh is the sexiest 100-year-old I've ever seen!

    • She also comments like crazy. It's annoying

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    • @Errhh, ofc I like you! You're my alien bestie!

      #EmojiPower #Errhhsanity

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁!!!👽😎!!! Emoji🌟!!

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