Does anyone know how to fix my GAG account since for some odd reason, it won't let me go to my own questions on my account page?

everytime I click on it?

I've been trying to get on my questions to give MHOs but this site is not letting me which is weird. It can't be my devices because I've tried it on my laptop then on my Smartphone and I wasn't able to look at my list of questions on neither.


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  • Can you be more specific please? Are you unable to view your individual questions or you can't view your question list page on your profile?

    • I can't see my own list of questions (that I've asked and posted) on my own profile page when I click on questions.

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    • Okay, thanks for the info! We will look into the issue. :)

    • Yeah, it's most likely my internet browser. I was just using internet explorer on my laptop for GAG right now and was able to get onto my questions list.

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