How do admins see anonymous users?

I am asking this question purely out of curiosity. How do admins see Anons? For admins, do they appear as Anon until you click on them, or they don't appear as anon at all? Also, whose IP addresses do you collect? Thanks!



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  • They have special powers lol... But seriously, IP address are automatically detected wherever you go unless you do something like go on a tor browser and give false IP..

    Also I could easily get your IP address with just fiddling with inspect element of the source code of this page

    • Okay. tell me what my ip is then.

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    • Alright.. Well IP address are not really anonymous. GAG detects all the IP address. That's why when you sign up, the country is already set to where your IP address is located.. If you google what's my IP address it would show up.

      Do yeah in away GAG collects your IP address.

    • I suppose its a good thing i use a proxy that bounces my IP all over the world..

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  • I believe the users just simply are not anonymous to them, though I'm not entirely sure what their screens look like. They collect everyone's IP addresses, though they don't really use them unless users get reported often or something.

    • I would think something would tell them who was posting as anonymous. It might say "Anonymous (EmpatheticDominatrix)" or something like that though.

    • @ProbablyTooMature Oh, for sure. I'm sure it does add they're anonymous. I should have included that. I'm just saying I don't think they need to click to reveal usernames or something. Also... "dominatrix." xD

    • @ProbablyTooMature I believe they don't see our usernames unless someone reports. Then, they click on it and reveal the identity.
      Same works for PM.

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  • Admins know all and see all.

  • as sexual objects

  • The admins can do anything they've kicked off too many good people off of here.


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  • Can you guys see me when I make anonymous posts... ? *paranoid*

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