Hello stupid mods, will you please leave me alone? Do you (normal users) face their ignorance too?

Okay so, this is getting personal. My questions are being hidden for absolute no reason. The reasons they give are grammar, non-sense or sometimes offensive/antagonistic. But in the end ALL of them are reinstated by admins showing how naive most (NOT ALL, listen? Not. All. This is neither an "offensive" nor a "generalising" post) mods are. They even change the topics unnecessarily which changes the whole sense of the question.
Hello stupid mods, will you please leave me alone? Do you (normal users) face their ignorance too?I know you want that $25 gift card, but you know what, every time you make an incorrect decision, you significantly lose your chance. If I (or any other user) REALLY violate any guideline, please do something, but if we don't, please find other scapegoats.

If any admin is reading this question, please
#1. teach your team some good lessons
#2. Change back the topic of my last question (bully question) back to "other" from "guy's behaviour" because I am not being bullied and I want to explore "girls' behaviour" too, so it doesn't make any sense!

I repeat, this is for "stupid mods", there are some educated ones too. And if an admin is trolling me, take my $20 gift card and leave me alone because that's the best I'd give you here. If you agree the deal, PM me.


Normal users: How happy are you in this site's moderation? How do you feel?


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  • 1) Nothing has even been hidden from you, at least not recently so that is a moot point.

    2) Any mod that we feel are making consistent mistakes are contacted and we let them know why we have not removed certain posts or talk to them if they are having trouble understanding a certain aspect of the guidelines.

    3) Mods do have the ability to change question topics but mistakes may happen since people are only human, so in that case, all you have to do is let us know and we can easily correct it.

    Ultimately, making questions like this is simply futile. If you really have a problem on the site, you should contact us about the specific issue since no one here will have any insight to be able to adequately respond.

    • #1. I didn't react because I was okay as you guys were doing good job taking care of every wrong decision. But in the past two-three months, I can easily count at least 5 questions. Some of them were featured by the system too.

      #2. I hope.

      #3. I agree. Thank you.

      Nah! There are several collateral merits.

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    • Thanks again. I'll pray for your promotion.

    • I disagree, making questions like this is not futile. Consider this as some kind of a public protest in a democracy. They are important.

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  • You dear speak out against the Adeptus Moderatorum?

  • I've been on here quite a while and I haven't had any censorship, and I have some very controversial opinions.

    • Actually, you are using the term censorship incorrectly here. Technically speaking, censorship can only be administered by the State.

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    • I think discussing the fact that a myTake got removed for being nonsense and/or offensive got removed is stupid in and out of itself. YourFutureEx has written this kind of things several times, I have seen them.

    • @Noxifer626

      I agree, but please do your research before making a silly remark on the technically correct usage of a vocabulary term.

  • what got removed?

    • Nothing! That's my problem. They "hide" my questions. Then admins review them and reinstate them back because they weren't violating the guidelines.


      They change the topic unnecessarily.

      It causes:
      ●My questions to get disappeared from the site feed
      ●My question can't reach to the proper people because of changed topic
      ●Change in the whole sense of the question

  • I've had some posts being removed for joking around. They were considered nonsense or antagonistic.

  • If you having a issue like this, message honeybee. She can help you. I never hide anything unless I know for sure the admins will agree that it should be removed.
    Also we don't get the gift card just by removing the most posts. We get it based on removal ratio and the number of posts removed.

    • She can't do anything. How she's supposed to take the responsibility of a hundred people?

      I know how do you get gift cards.

  • Just here for the drama

  • Yes they do it to me too i just want answers like everyone else

  • the really bad part is when u have posts removed for whatever reason, but u STILL see certain "popular" posters with all their attention whore, spam, offensive, posts staying up even when you know for a fact they've been reported for rules violations. That's where GaG seems woefully, unfair. Removal of posts should follow strict rules/guidelines. Not be based on how popular someone is or is not on this site. -.-

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