Can you make things link to the actual post and not the thread?

Me again. lol!

When I get notifications, or when I click from a profile on posts regardless of which section: replies, opinions, questions or even the box that changes with "interesting posts" it only links to the thread of that post and not the actual post.

If this is option, will you please think of changing it? I would prefer it immensely if when I click on a post it links me to that actual post and not just the thread where I must now play the game of finding Waldo. It is difficult to do with your current setup of ordering things.

I have just recently discovered that the first time I click on a link to something in my notifications it takes me very close to the post being referenced in my notifications. But if I click again on that same link, I am no longer taken to the post but the beginning of the thread. So again, this is the problem. All links to posts should take me to the post. But now I know at some point your software takes me to the actual post. All I ask is for that to always happen. Is that so much to ask for?


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  • Generally not an issue unless it's one of those REALLY popular posts. If it's bad you can do cntrl+f and search the users name. But yeah linking to the actual update on the actual reply would be nice.

  • I was bummed toooooo


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  • Hi again! :)

    I'm a bit confused when you say "the thread of the post" and the "actual post." Are you referring to notifications for when there are new Opinions on your questions or new Replies to you? If so, all new activity should show at the top when you click on the notification. There will be a whole section at the top of the question that says "New Activity" and the new content should be shaded in a light blue or pink with a label that says "New." Let me know if I've misunderstood something.

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    • Okay, so then you're talking about other users' Opinions and Replies that you see from the Live Feed or from their profiles and want to read? In those cases, you have to click on the question title to go to the thread which is why it doesn't take you to the specific post. That is something for us to think about and take into consideration though. :)

    • I think you may be misunderstanding my point. I want the ability that if I click on link because it is a post, then I want that link to take me directly to that post. It does not matter what page I am on, if I click a post anywhere on this website and it is a link, that link takes me to that exact post, not the thread where that post lives. That is what I want.

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