Should we have paid elections for voting in New Admins?

This is how I think the new system should work. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Users of 6 months get to pay $100 for an entrance fee into the voting system.
Step 2. Every week we'll have video debates and/or form debates for the top 10 selected users.
Step 3. User that rank poorly will be moved to the kids table debate.

Step 4. Users history, culture and belief system will be made public.
Step 5. Users are allowed to run attack ads on this site.
Step 6. Last 5 users standing will be given the Admin rank after voting is cast by the site users.
Step 7. The top 2 with the most votes will battle and 1 will be selected for Co Admin.

Step 8. Co Admin gets 50% of this sites earnings.

You guys at home I need your vote.
Should we have paid elections for voting in New Admins?
A vote for me is a vote to make Gag great again.

We are going to win bigly, believe me.

  • Let's make Gag great again.
  • No!
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  • No...

  • Let's make Gag great again.

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