Wait! Did anyone notice that new "Liked" option?

What's your opinion about this? Does this mean that we'll no longer get the "follow" feature? ;_;
Wait! Did anyone notice that new


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  • A step in the right direction. But what I have always wanted is the ability to categorise our posts based on, say, the date they were posted, or the likes they have received. This... well to be frank, I don't see how this is useful.

    • I think this will help us to find the posts we like easily. Bu... but... I think this is the demise of the follow feature as the posts I followed back then are in this list ;_;

      I mean there is a difference between the posts I like and the posts I follow. I may like sarcastic posts but I will only follow creative and informative posts. Too much weed.

    • ur well cum

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  • I have not noticed that.

  • Never noticed, must be another gag change while we slept.


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  • Ah thank you :) will check it when on the laptop :-D

    What does it exactly do? Show who or how many GAGers like you?

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