Thoughts on the GAG app?

So I got the app. I was a bit let down. But I'm glad they released it. I think it still needs refinements because it just doesn't "feel" like it's ready you know what I mean?

The look isn't quite there yet. I don't really like the layout that much. I also don't like the banner color Where did purple come from?

It's still really awesome that we have it and the most important thing is that it seems to just work.

What is your take? Do you like the app or hate it. I think we should only expect updates to it.


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  • The purple color is from combining blue and pink. What do you think could be done better? We want to hear everyone's feedback and we're going to keep making improvements to it. :)

    • Yea im sure of it. Honestly the layout is a bit cumbersome. Personally my biggest issue is with how replies work. I'd like for it not to need it's own screen. I'm sure u guys are working on letting us post pics. Messages sent from phones should be marked that way (or at least have the option) so we don't get slammed by Grammer nazis lol

      My second big issue is that the notification system sucks on the phone. I get that it's probably difficult but it would be nice to have settings independent for your phone and in a perfect world if you could find a way to make the app delete notifications in my notification bar as I see them. It just sucks that if I get 3 replies, there's 3(sometimes more ftw) things in my notification bar. The app is really cool and I love it, but it's just not finished yet it's looking super promising

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    • The replies are meant to open in a new window. It's meant to look more like PM in that way, since there is no private messaging feature on the app. As for the notifications, you get one notification on your phone for each notification you get on the site. On the site, if someone leaves 3 replies to your opinion, you get 3 notifications, so that's why you receive 3 push notifications on your device, it's supposed to work like that. Thanks for your feedback though! We are listening to everyone and taking it all into consideration. :)

    • Right but for someone like me. I really don't use it a lot. It's super annoying to use it on my computer and when I use my phone again there's 25 notifications I gotta swipe away, carefully looking for ones that are relevant. The app should get independent notification settings.

      Also if the replies are public, why try to make it feel like a PM? That's not going to end well.

      But please get the messaging system up and running soon because that's really what I got the app for

  • It's not bad, but I'll wait to use it until messages and myTakes are included.


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  • Haven't used it, but I'm guessing purple comes from blue+pink?

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