Which gagger do you want to meet in real life?

Why aren't you tagging anyone?


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  • Any of My 502 Friends and Followers, especially Cousin @RicanEyes, who is Less than a Stone's Throw but More Like Family and Friend to the End, which I love very much, and Sister @Ishtar, who May be Not all that Close to Home, but is Close in to my own Heart and who I love as well, She is always here for me. @Skykidx1 is My Brother who has Stuck by Me since I First Got on Gag and even if I leave Here One day, he will Still be Here for me, I love him so much.
    Good luck and Great question. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Like, hun. xx

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    • Lol i love to meet you too but think I'd die of excitement.

    • @skykidx1 lol Hugs and Kisses first thought First. xxoo

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