Who is your favorite Gagger?

@fondue hope your butt is still lurking around here.


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  • I have a bunch of people I actually find really appreciate on this site. I've either interacted with them at some point or I've simply seen their answers on here and enjoy reading their stuff. At any rate, here are some of em in no particular order (forgive my longwordiness):

    @YourFutureEx He manages to have a great balance of wit, niceness, succinctness, and hilarity. Really awesome guy. Gives some of my favorite answers.

    @Máiiréad I mean, I dunno what to say. Extremely kind, a little bit silly at times but still reasonable, one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of interacting with on this site. Favorite-Irish-GAGer/10.

    @BlueCoyote I like reading his answers because I find them to be very wise. Even if I don't agree with some topics, I still find them to be often well written and very logical. He seems like quite the thinker!

    @BiscuitesSwag I've been here for over a year and I still enjoy reading some of the extreme sass from the answers, often on some of the more "wtf" questions on this site lol. She dares to answer some questions many tend fear and avoid, but does it with extreme sass so the OP knows that he/she should rethink their life choices lmao

    @Pac-Man He is quite possibly the most hilarious dude on this site in my opinion. Gif placement is often 11/10.


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  • It's just me myself and I.
    Reason- It's a solo ride until I die and I got me for life.

    • Right here is the MHO. Anyone who's smart enough to quote G-Eazy deserves some kind of award.

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