Is anyone else having problems with their account on here?

I am trying to access the opinions part of my account but it won't show up, it's taking me into my main account. Is anyone else having this problem?
@spoons your suggestion worked so thank you. I signed into my gmail account on my web browser and also cleared cookies and cached images etc. Back to normal.

Thanks to everyone else for helping with suggestions. :)


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  • It happened to me once. I do not clearly remember how I fixed it. Try those:
    1. Open the page in a new tab.
    2. Enter GAG in InPrivate/Incognito mode
    3. Logout and login your account & try

    If those won't work, try another web browser.


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  • Have you down loaded the app , or still logging in through the web?

    • I'm logged onto my account from my laptop

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    • Have you down loaded the new GAG app , and are you using it to acces your account?

    • Have you tried to totally log out and log back in? Some times that will clear up minor problems

  • yep. i have to switch to another browser every so often
    (which suggests that clearing your cookies may fix it, hmmm)


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