For those who have down loaded the new GAG app?

If you have down loaded the app , what have you found lacking with it? Are you happy with it? And what would you like to see changed or improved upon?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It doesn't have messages or myTakes. I don't want to use it until those things are added.

    • I know , messaging is one of my biggest issues with it at the present time

What Girls Said 1

  • No pictures near the opinions
    The general appearance doesn't appeal to me
    No messages
    No bio

    Anw, I deleted it.

    • At this point I still have it just for the notifications. I still access my account however through the browser

What Guys Said 2

  • I found it to new wholly untenable as they haven't a Take-A-Penny/Leave-A-Penny Jar!

  • I think it doesn't load opinion comments am I right?

    • It does that very well as I did get your comment very quickly

    • So far I do know that you can't message anyone privately , you can't post MyTakes and so far I have not found a way to edit my profile.

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